Créature rencontrée


Hurlocks are taller and more muscular than genlocks and often form the strongest part of darkspawn armies. They are known to excel at using two-handed weapons. Hurlock alphas are among the best of the darkspawn shock troops, and are particularly fierce in close combat. A single berserking hurlock can often be a match for numerous opponents at once. They are known to adorn themselves with roughly-carved tattoos to keep track of their kills and deeds, though it is unknown whether or not there is a uniform standard to these markings.

Not known for tactical prowess, hurlocks have to be told where to go. But once they’re there, there’s no need for instruction. These darkspawn are masters of the blade; crippling, shattering, battering, bruising, slashing, hacking, tearing, ripping, biting, stabbing, strangling are all easy feats for these monstrosities. Although by no means the most powerful, they are the most infamous darkspawn, as many survivors of a darkspawn raid will only remember the armored, bloodied corpse-like, foul creatures that killed their friends and slaughtered their children. Foul indeed, while not exactly graceful, the job is always done with these darkspawn. Hurlocks are born from broodmothers that were once female humans.



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