Gardien du Savoir du Clan Adahlen


Orellis is an older elf, his hair silvery white and his face beginning to show the hints of wrinkles and lines that would, in a human, be the early signs of middle age.


In truth, Orellis is the eldest member of his band and has been their Lorekeeper for many years. He knows a great deal about elven history, legends, and religion in particular, and looks after the spiritual needs of his people. Orellis know about the rage demon and the nature of the abomination that calls itself Mythallen.
The Lorekeeper is not overly fond of humans, nor does he trust them any more than he must, but he befriends strangers if they show themselves to be friends of the Dalish, and encourages his people to do the same.


Les voyageurs de l'entre-monde Abdanck