Arcane Blast

Requirements: Magical Training [Novice]
You have learned to focus raw magical power through your ARCANE DEVICE.
Note : To emulate the “lost” SPELL BLAST ability, take SPECIALTY FOCUS (Fast Casting), since the ARCANE BLAST is now entitled to SPELL STUNTS instead of COMBAT STUNTS.


Novice : If you are holding your ARCANE DEVICE, you can make a special RANGED ATTACK that damages foes with a blast of magical energy. This is resolved like a normal RANGED ATTACK (using SPELL STUNTS), but the ATTACK ROLL is an ACCURACY (Arcane Blast) test. An ARCANE BLAST has a range of 16m and inflicts 1d6 + WILLPOWER damage. It requires no MAGIC POINTS to make this attack.

Journeyman : The range of your ARCANE BLAST attack becomes 24m. (Big Blast)

Master : You can increase the damage of an ARCANE BLAST by 1d6 by spending 2 MAGIC POINTS before making the ATTACK ROLL. You cannot do this more than once per attack. (Power Blast)

Arcane Blast

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