Requirement: You must have Communication and Strength 3 or higher.
You are a beacon of strength on the battlefield.

Novice: Your battle roar intimidates your opponents. When you take the charge action, you can shout a war cry that gives all enemies within 8m of your charge’s final position a –1 on attack rolls on their next turn.

Journeyman: You can lead your allies in an inspired defense. First, you must use the activate action to enter Rally mode.
Your allies within 8m of you gain a +1 Defense and a +1 on Willpower (Morale) tests while this mode is active. You can end Rally with another activate action.

Master: Your presence on the battlefield cannot be ignored. When in Rally mode, your Journeyman effects affect allies within 12m of you. They also receive a +1 bonus on Willpower (Courage) tests and inflict +1 damage with melee attacks.


Les voyageurs de l'entre-monde Abdanck