Requirements: Communication (Leadership) Focus

You are a natural battlefield leader.
Note : You must actively participating in the battle to provide any of the following benefits. If you leave the fight or fall in battle, these benefits are lost.

Novice : Your presence inspires your allies. Any PCs and NPCs that acknowledge you as their leader gains a +1 bonus to WILLPOWER (Courage / Morale) tests. In addition, you can take a MAJOR ACTION to make a heroic gesture (raise your sword, shout a battle cry, wave a flag, etc.) to allow your followers to re-roll a failed WILLPOWER (Courage / Morale) test, hopefully having them rejoin the battle.

Journeyman : Your allies follow your commands. By shouting battlefield commands as a FREE ACTION on your turn, you can give any PCs and NPCs that you lead a +1 bonus to either DEFENSE, DAMAGE or ATTACK ROLLS if they attack the same enemy (or type of enemy) as you. You choose what type of bonus they get and you may change the type of bonus on your turn.

Master : When you stand true, your allies stand with you. The bonus to WILLPOWER (Courage / Morale) tests increases to +2. In addition, your followers do not have to take a WILLPOWER (Morale) test until more than two-thirds of your side’s combatants are out of the fight (dead or incapacitated).


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