Requirements:  Dexterity (Riding) Focus

You are a skilled rider and can handle horses and other mounts with ease.

Novice : You know how to handle mounts, whether riding or not. You may re-roll a failed DEXTERITY (Riding) test, but you must keep the result of the final roll. In addition, you may substitute DEXTERITY (Riding) for COMMUNICATION (Animal Handling) when dealing with mounts.

Journeyman : You were born in the saddle. When you ride a mount, it gains a +2 bonus to its SPEED. Also, mounting or dismounting is a FREE ACTION for you.

Master : You and your mount are as one. You add +1 to your DEFENSE while MOUNTED. Also, any enemy who uses the SKIRMISH or KNOCK PRONE STUNTS to move you or knock you to the ground while you are MOUNTED, must succeed in an opposed test pitting their STRENGTH (Might) vs. your choice of your mount’s STRENGTH (Might) or your DEXTERITY (Riding) in order to move you or knock you prone.


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