Requirements: Communication 2 or higher

You know how to gather secrets and sow discord.

Novice : You know how to make people tell you their secrets. You can perform DO TELL!, a special ROLEPLAYING STUNT. The SP cost depends on the kind of secret you wish to know (see table below). This secret can either be the target’s personal secret or another person’s secret the target knows of. If the target doesn’t know a secret of the given type, he tells a secret of the next lower kind. The full STUNT POINTS are spend nevertheless.

Journeyman : You know how to get under someone’s skin. You can perform the ENRAGE STUNT for -1 SP (1 minimum). In addition, instead of forcing the target to attack you, you may choose another person to be the target’s source of enragement.

Master : You know how to end a conversation. You can perform the STUNNED SILENCE STUNT for -1 SP (1 minimum). In addition, you have the opportunity to change this immediately into a combat encounter. If you do so, you and one ally per extra STUNT POINT you spend can act in the first round of combat. Everyone else is surprised.



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