Miracle Worker

Requirements: HEALING ARCANA [Journeyman]
Your healing magic is swift and strong.

Novice: Your magic teems with life energy. When you cast HEALING ARCANA spells, targets regain extra HEALTH equal to your WILLPOWER.

Journeyman: Your magic can alleviate most ailments. When you cast any HEALING ARCANA spell, you can spend additional MP to cure the target of any diseases, poisons, or debilitating conditions. For every 5 MP you can cure any one such condition.

Master: You are a beacon of life. The CASTING TIME of your HEALING TOUCH is reduced to a MINOR ACTION, you can spend up to 18 MP when casting HEALING AURA (to a maximum of 6d6 Health) and you can cast a more powerful version of REVIVAL for 25 MP that allows the target to be dead for up to 5 minutes (Normally, REVIVAL only works on the dying, not the dead).

Miracle Worker

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