Quick Reflexes

Requirements: Dexterity 2 or higher

You react to threats speedily and instinctually.

Novice : You can prepare yourself for action in an instant. Once per round you can use READY as a FREE ACTION on your turn. Furthermore, you can go prone or stand up as a FREE ACTION (These normally can only be done as part of a MOVE ACTION.)

Journeyman : You know how to get the drop on your enemies. You can perform the SEIZE THE INITIATIVE STUNT for -2 SP (1 minimum).

Master : You can deliver a fast snap attack. As a MINOR ACTION, you can make a RANGED ATTACK vs. a visible opponent within range or a MELEE ATTACK vs. an adjacent opponent. The ATTACK ROLL and DAMAGE of the attack suffer a -2 penalty. You cannot combine this ability with other powers or talents such as PINPOINT ATTACKS or TACTICAL TRAINING. (Quick Shot / Quick Strike)

Quick Reflexes

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