Requirements: Constitution 2 or higher

You are tough as a nail.

Novice : You can take that extra punch. You gain a number of additional points of HEALTH equal to your current LEVEL. In addition, you receive one additional point of HEALTH on each subsequent LEVEL. If your CONSTITUTION permanently changes, recalculate your total HEALTH, using: 18 + 2 x LEVEL + [(LEVEL + 1) x CONSTITUTION].

Journeyman : You won’t go down easily. You can survive 2 additional rounds when DYING. While DYING, you may take one single MINOR ACTION every turn, but doing so reduces the number of remaining rounds by one.

Master : You fight to the bitter end. You can survive yet another 2 rounds when DYING. In addition, you retain the ability to fully act on your turn while DYING. Performing a MINOR ACTION reduces your remaining rounds by one, while performing a MAJOR ACTION reduces them by two.


Les voyageurs de l'entre-monde Abdanck