Utilisation des Poisons

To coat a blade or impaling weapon with poison uses up a single dose, and requires an Activate action. This can be done prior to combat, but no more than one minute before the encounter begins. Once applied, a poison’s effectiveness on a weapon lasts for the duration of a combat encounter only (whether because it drips off, is worn away by a scabbard, or sees its effectiveness degrade through exposure to the air or elements). A single weapon may only be coated with a single type of poison at a time, and only with a single dose of the stuff.
Note that a single enemy can only suffer the effects of a given type of poison once per encounter.

SP Cost Stunt
2 Envenom: The toxins on your blade pump through your opponent’s body and do their deadly work. Your enemy immediately suffers the basic damage and additional effects of your poison. Remember that the basic damage from poisons is penetrating damage.


Preparing Poisons

Player Characters can avoid paying (and attracting unwanted attention) by trying to harvest raw materials from the landscape. Harvesting one’s own ingredients requires an advanced Intelligence (Natural Lore) test with threshold 10 and a TN based on the class of the poison in question: TN 11 for novice poisons, TN 15 for journeyman poisons, and TN 19 for master poisons. Each test takes a day of traveling the landscape.

Once the raw materials are in hand, preparing a dose of poison requires an advanced Intelligence (Nature Lore)
test with threshold 10 and a TN based on the class of the poison in question: TN 13 for novice poisons, TN 15 for journeyman poisons, and TN 17 for master poisons. Each test takes two hours (novice poisons), four hours (journeyman poisons), or 6 hours (master poisons) with access to a private place and appropriate tools of the trade—burners, tubing, vessels, and so forth—in each case.
A decent working setup costs 100 sp at the very least and is difficult to transport without damage. Superior and masterwork lab apparatuses cost a great deal more. On success, the test produces three doses of a novice poison, two doses of a journeyman poison (or two grenades), or one dose of a master poison.


Novice Poisons


Poison Effect Make Cost Buy Cost
Crow Poison 1d6 Poison Damage 5 sp 25 sp
Deathroot Extract Hallucinations 5 sp 25 sp
Hale's Dust -2 Strength 5 sp 25 sp
Spider Venom -2 Dexterity 5 sp 25 sp
  • Crow Poison
    This poison is mainly derived from the venom of a particularly nasty serpent.
  • Deathroot Extract
    Deathroot is a common and relatively harmless plant. Those exposed to deathroot extract must make a TN 15 Constitution (Stamina or Drinking) test or suffer the effects for up to an hour. Those who fail suffer hallucinations according to the Deathroot Hallucinations table. The involuntary actions described last only for the victim’s next turn (10 seconds during which no other actions can be taken), but they continue to suffer disorienting minor hallucinations without mechanical effects for up to an hour.

Deathroot Hallucinations

Roll Result
1 Even The Birds Are Mocking Me! – The character spends the next turn raving at and attacking something innocuous like a tree, barrel, wagon, shrub, or bird.
2 Get It Off! Get It Off! Get It Off! The character is convinced they are covered by bugs, leeches, snakes, or the like. They spend the next turn swatting at non-existent creepy-crawlies.
3 You Did This To Me! – The character believes one of their comrades has backstabbed them or is otherwise plotting their demise. On the next turn the character can only take the defend action and yell in outrage at their “betrayer.”
4 The Sky, The Hideous Sky! – The character believes that some malign creature from the sky is about to carry them off (or, for dwarves, that they are going to fall into the sky). The character spends their next turn dropping their weapons and grabbing something solid.
5 The Shadows Are Alive! – The character is overcome with fear of the surrounding shadows, including their own. They spend the next turn running at top speed away from the closest concentration of shadows.
6 Foul Creatures! – The character is suddenly convinced that a random nearby ally (determined by the GM) is a monster or other natural enemy. The character spends the next turn attacking that “enemy,” with a +1 bonus on attack rolls for their fervency.
  • Hale's Dust
    Originally used to help subdue and quiet wounded or troubled soldiers who were too much for him to handle, others have since come up with more sinister uses. Its effects last for the duration of the encounter.
  • Spider Venom
    Extracted from the massive arachnids the dwarves call deep crawlers, this poison can take the edge off a warrior’s skill. Its effects last for the duration of the encounter.


Journeyman Poisons


Poison Effect Make Cost Buy Cost
Adder's Kiss 2d6 + 4 Poison Damage 20 sp 100 sp
Concentrated Crow Poison 2d6 Poison Damage, Delayed Initiative, Stunt Restriction 20 sp 100 sp
Concentrated Spider Venom -4 Dexterity 20 sp 100 sp
Fleshrot 1d6 Poison Damage, Actions lost to pain 20 sp 100 sp
Magebane Lose 2d6 Magic Points2 20 sp 100 sp
  • Adder's Kiss
    Adder’s kiss is a powerful snake venom.
  • Concentrated Crow Poison
    This wicked brew results from a long, complex distillation process.  A character suffering its effects immediately moves to the end of the initiative order. Additionally, the victim must make a TN 15 Constitution (Stamina) test or cannot use any stunt costing more than 2 SP for the remainder of the encounter.
  • Concentrated Spider Venom
    A concentrated distillate of an already-deadly natural poison. Its effects last for a day.
  • Fleshrot
    Nasty stuff, fleshrot causes a victim’s skin to immediately begin to slough off, which is horribly painful and grossly noxious. Each round for 2d6 rounds, a victim must make a TN 15 Constitution (Stamina) test at the beginning of his turn to overcome the pain. If he fails he can only take a minor action that turn. A –2 penalty to social tests where a disgusting appearance would be relevant persists for a number of days equal to the number of rounds the immediate effects persisted.
  • Magebane
    Mages aren’t exactly fond of this poison, as it siphons off their magical energy.


Master Poisons


Poison Effect Make Cost Buy Cost
Concentrated Magebane Lose 4d6 Magic Points 30 sp 150 sp
Marrow Lock Major actions difficult and damaging 50 sp 250 sp
Quiet Death 2d6 Poison Damage, Fall to 0 Health 100 sp 500 sp


  • Concentrated Magebane
    A more potent version of magebane.
  • Marrowlock
    This insidious poison runs ice through its victim’s limbs, all but locking them into place. Marrow lock’s victims can only take minor actions without consequence for the remainder of the encounter. To take a major action they must make a TN 15 Constitution (Stamina) test. On a success they suffer 1d6 penetrating  damage and can carry out their action. On a failure they suffer 2d6 penetrating damage and can do nothing but howl in agony.
  • Quiet Death
    A foul mixture of poisons infamous even in assassins’ circles, quiet death kills instantaneously—or doesn’t, if (say the legends) its intended victim is destined for greater things. Victims must make a TN 19 Constitution (Stamina) test, but also add their level to their roll.Those who succeed shrug off the effects. Those who fail fall immediately to 0 Health and soon expire according to the normal rules for dying. Attempts to stabilize victims of quiet death suffer a –3 penalty.

Utilisation des Poisons

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