Arl Voychek Neruda

Arl of Stenhold


The leader of Stenhold, Wife is Lady Macia Neruda. Children are Joseph and Hana.
He is a stern, stuborn, difficult man. Arl Neruda is a gruff, stern individual with an overwhelming commitment to doing “his Duty”. Neruda cares passionately about the defence of the realm from the Chasind and Darkspawn forces that make incursions into Ferelden from the South.

Short in stature though well built Neruda is a very capable warrior, he enjoys taking personal charge of the defence of his lands and is never happier than when leading a cavalry charge into enemy ranks.


Arl Neruda has the dubious honor of having the southern most Arldom in Ferelden and as such sees more conflict with Darkspawn and Chasind than any other noble. Yet he bears this responsibility with pride as did his father before him.

Neruda rarely travels to Denerim to attend the royal court and has little time for the Chantry, believing the only thing a man can rely on are his own abilities and not those of the Maker. Neruda is keen on the use of mages to defend Ferelden and has his own mage on Staff. If permitted he would gladly garrison at least one mage at each of his forts.

Arl Voychek Neruda

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