Joseph & Hana Neruda

Enfants du Arl Neruda


Classe: Mage Apostat
Age: 8
Sexe: Feminin
Cheveux: brun
Yeux: vert
Taille: 1m35

Classe: Warrior
Age: 13
Sexe: Masculin
Cheveux: brun
Yeux: noisette
Taille: 1m50


The Arl’s son and daughter were visiting relatives in Denerim when the darkspawn begun their attack on the Arl’s lands.

Hana has always been an odd duck, bookish and aloof. Recently, Hana was accosted by some rough boys and her magical power manifested—she used a mind blast to knock them prone and run away. Alenka has warned the Arl repeatedly of the dangers of not taking Hana to the Circle for training now that this power has manifested, but the Arl still has fantasies of marrying his daughter off first, and has instructed Alenka that she is not to breathe a word of his daughter’s abilities to anyone.

Joseph is a young lad of 13 who’s fiercely protective of his sister. He’s training to be a warrior, but thus far has only learned the rudimentary skills of brawling and using light weapons.

Joseph & Hana Neruda

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