Le Lien de Rage

Torque en argent et lyrium


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The bearer of the Link of Rage can perform stunts against rage abominations like Mythallen at a cost of 1 fewer Stunt Point than usual. Often, when this ability is used, the wielder’s weapon or even a part of the body (like a hand) emits silvery arcane sparks of energy, showing the stunt is more than mere luck or skill.h1. h1. Your title here…h1. h2. Your title here…


What Eshara carries is the Link of Rage. It is a magical artifact dating back to the Second Blight that was used to imprison the essence of a powerful rage demon. It was connected to links of iron, forming a never-ending circle that contained and neutralized the demons’ power, turning it in on itself. The chain was placed inside a hidden keep to guard it, but the keep was overrun before the Blight ended. The darkspawn could not breach the warded chamber to free the demons and the link’s creators took their secrets to their graves.

The link was broken when Harralan freed the demon bound within with his desire for revenge. Still, it retains some of its residual enchantment, and the rage abomination is potentially vulnerable to it.

Le Lien de Rage

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