Animal Training

Requirements: Communication (Animal Handling) Focus

You know how to train animals.

Novice : You know the basics of dealing with animals. With a week of training, you can teach an animal to follow a simple one-word command like “heel,” “follow,” or “attack.” You can teach a single animal a number of commands equal to your COMMUNICATION plus the bonus from your COMMUNICATION (Animal Handling) FOCUS.

Journeyman : You can train animals to follow more complex commands, like “guard this place” or “return to me when strangers approach.” In addition, you can improve an animals skills by teaching it appropriate ABILITY FOCUSES (consult with your GM about what is deemed appropriate). Teaching a complex command takes two weeks of training, while teaching an ABILITY FOCUS takes one month.

Master : Your training can turn animals into prime examples of their kind. You can increase an animal’s ABILITY SCORES by 1 each. Doing so requires a number of months of training equal to the ABILITY’S new score. Each ABILITY may only benefit from one such training.

Animal Training

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