Arcane Sense

Requirements: Magical Training [Novice] & Intelligence (Arcane Lore) FocusYou have an uncanny sense for magical items.

Novice : You can sense the presence of magic. As a MAJOR ACTION, you can make a TN 11 INTELLIGENCE (Arcane Lore) test to sense the presence of magical items within a number of meters equal to 4 times your INTELLIGENCE. A success will tell you the number and the general direction of the items, if any.

Journeyman : Enchanted items cannot be hidden from you. By touching an object and spending 1 MP, you can determine whether it is a magic item. This doesn’t tell you what the item does, only that it is enchanted in some way. In addition, sensing the presence of magical items now only takes a MINOR ACTION.

Master : You can learn a magic item’s secrets. If you spend 10 minutes and 5 MP, you can divine the powers of a magic item. Finally, sensing the presence of magical items is a FREE ACTION for you.

Arcane Sense

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