Requirements: Intelligence 3 or higher

Crafting magical items requires magical materials, either gathered from magical locations or obtained from a magical foundation. Creating a permanent magical item requires the mage to know an arcana that could logically be associated with the powers of the item (so a shadow cloak requires the mage to know the shadow arcana while the adept's wand would likely require the power arcana).
Focus Intelligence (Enchantement) apply.

Novice: The mage can create common magical items. At this level the mage can only create temporary magical items. Creating a temporary magical item takes 1 day and 25sp.

Journeyman: At this level the mage can create. magical items of uncommon level. The mage can now make permanent magical items. Creating a common permanent magical item costs 100sp and takes 1 day. Creating an uncommon permanent costs 250sp and takes 1 week.

Master: At this level the mage can craft rare magical items. Creating a rare magical item costs 200gp and takes 1 month. The mage cannot normally create legendary items. The mage may be able to create a legendary item under specific circumstances with gm permission.




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