Requirements: Intelligence 2 or higher

You have an inquisitive mind and absorb facts easily.
Note : A Lore focus is any INTELLIGENCE focus with the word “lore” in its name, but other focuses might apply too, if your GM approves.

Novice : You can turn theoretical knowledge into practical use. When you make a successful INTELLIGENCE (Lore) test to recall a certain piece of information, you can distribute a number of +1 bonuses to you or your allies equal to your DEGREE OF SUCCESS. These bonuses apply for any one test related to the given topic.

Journeyman : You are an accomplished researcher. When making INTELLIGENCE (Lore / Research) tests to recall or find information, you gain a +1 bonus to the result of the STUNT DIE. This affects the final test result, its DEGREE OF SUCCESS, as well as STUNT POINT GENERATION.

Master : Your knowledge is vast and helpful. When using the NOVICE DEGREE of this talent, the bonuses you provide last for the rest of the scene or encounter.


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