Requirements: Communication (Persuasion) Focus

You are a skilled public speaker who can sway others with your words.

Novice : You know how to work a crowd. You can perform the SWAY THE CROWD STUNT and the STUNNED SILENCE STUNT for -1 SP (1 minimum) each.

Journeyman : Your words are like magic. You may use the STUNNED SILENCE STUNT multiple times, extending its effect accordingly. In addition, each time you perform the SWAY THE CROWD STUNT, you affect three additional people instead of one.

Master : You can agitate a crowd. If you make a successful COMMUNICATION (Persuasion) test when addressing a group and the result of your Stunt Die is 5 or 6, you rouse them to immediate action. You can’t necessarily control what they do, though you can try with COMMUNICATION (Leadership) tests, but they take your words to heart and act on them.


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