Pinpoint Attacks

Requirements: Dexterity 2 or higher

You have a knack at hitting your opponents where it hurts.

Novice : Once per round, you can perform a PINPOINT ATTACK and add 1d6 to the damage of a successful attack if your DEXTERITY is greater than your opponent’s. (Pinpoint Attack)

Journeyman : You can daze opponents with sharp blows to vulnerable areas. To make a STUNNING ATTACK, you must use the AIM ACTION and then hit with a MELEE or a RANGED ATTACK. If successful, you inflict no damage but your opponent must make a successful TN 15 CONSTITUTION (Stamina) test or become STUNNED. STUNNED opponents can attempt the test again at the start of their turn, and if successful can act normally. Otherwise, STUNNED characters can only take a single MINOR ACTION on their turn. While your opponent is STUNNED, you can use PINPOINT ATTACKS against them with no regard for DEXTERITY. STUNTS are possible on your initial attack roll, so you could STUN your opponent and then use LIGHTNING ATTACK for an immediate PINPOINT ATTACK, for example. (Stunning Attack)

Master : You know how to take advantage of an enemy whose guard is down. If you’ve just hit an opponent with a PINPOINT ATTACK, you can perform PERFORATE, a special COMBAT STUNT, for 2 SP, to make a second PINPOINT ATTACK against the same opponent; this second attack does not generate STUNT POINTS. (Perforate)

Pinpoint Attacks

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