Speciality Arcana

Requirements: The appropriate Arcana Talent

You have a deep connection with a given ARCANA.
Note : When you take this talent, you must choose one of your ARCANA TALENTS to which the following benefits apply. You can take this talent multiple times, but you must choose another ARCANA TALENT each time.

Novice : You gain a +2 bonus when resisting spells from your favored ARCANA.

Journeyman : Your knowledge of your element is deep. When casting spells of your favored ARCANA, their cost in MAGIC POINTS is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1.

Master : Your understanding of the arcana is absolute. When casting this ARCANA’S spells, you may reduce one of your dice by one point in order to get a double and perform SPELL STUNTS. If you already possess a similar ability, you may choose to increase one die by one point instead.

Speciality Arcana

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