Strenght (Smithing)


All crafted items can be enchanted. The items’ adjustments apply in addition to any bonuses from enchantment. smithing.png

Armures & Boucliers

* However, the bigger the shield the harder to handle it. Therefore, a shield now imposes a SHIELD PENALTY on all ATTACK ROLLS for any character without the WEAPON GROUP (Shields). You can also use a shield as a weapon, but if you do not possess the WEAPON AND SHIELD STYLE talent, you suffer the SHIELD PENALTY to your ATTACK ROLL and lose your SHIELD BONUS until the beginning of your next turn.


A craftsman working with an unusual material (such as Silverite) faces a 50% increase in time unit, which stacks with the increase in time unit associated with quality items when applicable. For example, a Silverite masterwork longsword has a time unit of 8 days. Also, unusual materials are harder to work with and increase the item's TN as shown below:

*Fragile Weapon : Break on a hit check with 3 identical dices
*Fragile Armor : Loose 1 AR on a hit with stunt

Strenght (Smithing)

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